Accommodating negotiation

People often ask "which is the best negotiation style?" As with much management theory there is no single 'best' or 'right' approach.In the main negotiators should aim for a win-win solution which benefits both parties., Paul Klinger and Rachel Burnett [pub. 2002] the authors note that "The goal of every negotiation must be to achieve a result which, even if it falls short of the original objective, can be considered a satisfactory advancement towards it.

Competitive styled negotiators pursue their own needs - yes, even when this means others suffer.

Your style or profile of negotiation can define whether you grind into a deadlock, or create value and with it an enduring relationship.

So what do you do when your needs are incompatible and your path to agreement starts to fade?

Many disputes have their origins in a lack of clarity.

Careful discussions of each element of the deal also ensure that each party's objectives are acknowledged and dealt with.

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