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Data View Web Parts (DVWPs) are still my favorite tool in my Share Point toolbox.

NET has a lot of similarities to Visual Basic but also some differences. NET is an object-oriented language, which supports the abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism features. Net programmers with the ability to create fully object oriented programs (OOPs), just like the ones created using Java, C# or C . Net will interoperate seamlessly with programs written in any other . I hope this site will help you to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to develop various types of applications in VB.

TDS is the low-level proprietary protocol used by SQL Server to handle client and server communication.

By bypassing OLEDB and ODBC and working directly with TDS, you get dramatic performance benefits. In certain situations, it is useful to have all the data from a database table available to your ASP.

You can even enforce data integrity using the Unique Constraint and Foreign Key Constraint objects.

The simple example below uses only one table, but you can use multiple tables from different sources if you need them.

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