Dating an ex stripper

Cute college girls invited a stripper to the party and grew horny while watching him dance with the pole.When the boy was ready to leave, they started dragging him in, begging, doing whatever it takes to make him stay.

As his dating life has been a major influence on his music (think of all the past loves he’s name checked in his tracks), we’re thinking that emotional side of him will be used as inspiration for some pretty funny skits.

Last May, Rajic slapped the pro athlete with a paternity suit in Manhattan Family Court and moved back to her parents’ home in Queens.

George shot back with his own suit, filed in Florida, seeking full custody of Olivia.

“They will both be participating in their daughter’s life, and that makes me feel extremely gratified.

I am very pleased that this case has moved forward the way it has,” he added.

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