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On newer pieces, there may be less quality metal on other parts of the brass candleholder as well.Look at the shape of the base to see if it is round.As a professional restorer I am proud to offer a quality china repairs and porcelain restoration service that is available to all within the UK.I also offer a range of quality restoration tools and products through my website.These can be identified by a light seam running vertical up two sides of the candlestick.Construction methods for removing the unburned candle stub can also be helpful in dating brass candle holders.After his partnership with Peck dissolved, he formed the firm of Phelps, Dodge & Co. When the city was incorporated in 1889 it was named Ansonia in honor of Anson Phelps.

Parts of an antique brass candlestick include the wax pan, nozzle, sconce, capital, shoulder, stem, column, knop, well and base.

Check the antique brass candleholder to see if it has a seamed stem.

That is the main telltale sign of an old brass candleholder.

EST.2000Gilboys - Fine Furniture Restoration established by Simon Gilboy early in 1993 after completing a 4 year indentured apprenticeship in French Polishing at Staverton Joinery, with a further 2 years full-time study at college.

The business has grown over the years and is established in a 2,00sq. workshop close to the Riverford Farm Shop in Staverton.

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