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If scenes flounder, then establish the conflict ahead of time.Students thrive when they can respond to something, instead of creating out of thin air.A third player, again a distinct and different character enters the scene, interacting with the first two.

These improvisation games are character based, getting students to focus on “who” they are acting.

This section is broken into headings that roughly correspond to they requirements for "Preparation" in the Improvisation Exercises section. Further development on these can be achieved by giving the actors conflicting objectives.

The intention is that these two pages should be everything you need to run an improvisation session. Some of these are more suited to obviously comic games.

Bus Stop the sample game, is an old classic, so hopefully the ideas list helps out.

Others included in Top 50 Drama Games Unpacked in this section are 3 Split Characters, which involves a fun and handy resource to make and use over and over again.

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