Dating pendleton labels dating older women and stigma

This is declaring to every Man, young and old, simple and gentle, that they may after this put on and wear the Truis, the Little Kilt, the Coat, and the Striped Hose, as also the Belted Plaid, without fear of the Law of the Realm or the spite of the enemies.

When the Dress Act was repealed in 1782, tartans were no longer worn as ordinary Highland dress.

From 1780 to 1890 the point blanket was a staple in every fur trader’s inventory and thousands upon thousands found their way into indigenous hands.They started producing mens wool shirts in 1924, expanding into a full range of menswear by 1929.In an odd parallel to the old myth about Model T Fords, where it was said you could have any colour you wanted, as long as it was black (this wasn’t true), in 1924 you could have your wool shirt in any colour you wanted, as long as the colour you desired was grey.However, another weaving tradition began in the 18th century.The Navajo tribe of the American Southwest wove sheep’s wool into classic wearing blankets that became coveted trade items.Pendleton took their experience with multi-coloured blankets and warm, vibrant and durable wool and started making colourful flannel shirts. The wool Pendleton used in the 1920’s was from the sheep local to the wool mill.Taking it’s name form the area, they called the wool “Umatilla”.Beginning in 1896, they also manufactured Native-American blankets for the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla tribes.When the Bishop family resumed business in 1909, they revived the blanket business by introducing new designs and colors.This time though it was wool shirts that caught my eye, and not new ones either.We’re talking vintage wool shirts, from the 1930’s up to modern times, and primarily from the wool mills of Pendleton in the USA.

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