Demi lovato dating one direction

I get what it's like to be in the spotlight since I've grown up in it.

I want to introduce all the One Direction guys to the United States, but especially Niall because he hasn't been here that much.

What's the deal with Dem Dem and that golden-haired demi-God from One Direction? You two are both so young, you have your whole lives ahead of you!

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To kick off our month-long obsession with her, Dua's shot an INCREDIBLE live performance of 'Be The One' which we think it's safe to say is already one for the PUSH Hall Of Fame. Demi Lovato and One Direction's Niall Horan added fuel to the romance rumors Thursday after attending the 2012 Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. PHOTOS: The biggest boy bands of all time A source tells Us Weekly that Lovato, 20, and Horan, 18, headed to Pink Taco after the awards show grab a bite to eat -- just the two of them! PHOTOS: Demi Lovato through the years Lovato won a Moonman award at the VMAs for Best Video with a Message for her hit song, "Skyscraper." One Direction, hitting the festivities for their first time, took home three awards for Most Share-Worthy Video, Best New Artist and Best Pop Video for "What Makes You Beautiful." "Guys what the Hell! At just 20 years old, London born Dua Lipa has been fighting for her dream to perform since childhood.Having been uprooted at 13 when her family moved back to Kosovo, Dua amazingly persuaded her parents to let her return to London to continue studying at the prestigious Sylvia Young School in the West End to pursue her music career.Even though you've said you and Niall Horan are friends, he called you his "dream girl." So, what's really going on between you guys?Demi Lovato: I think Niall is super, super sweet and we've become good friends.Are there any fashion trends you are loving right now?DL: Right now, I love colored denim shorts and vintage denim shorts with studs on them. 17: As a former judge, how does confidence play into a person's performance? I'm in a place right now where I really need to focus on myself."But just because she's not in a romance doesn't mean we should expect her to be a nun."Obviously, I'm still going to like people—or love them—but I need to not be in a relationship for a while because I need to be OK with being alone, first," she said. I never thought it was possible to be happy because of how depressed I was my entire life. It's like living in a dream."Of course, it hasn't all been coming up roses for the singer, who admitted that her post-rehab life required her to cut loose some people she previously thought of as close pals."I did kind of a friend cleanse right after rehab, where I weeded out people who didn't have my best interests at heart. "I want to make something that people will listen to for a while, rather than something that's just trendy.

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