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S1dorner , 25 October 2006 (PDT): We, the Penelope team, do not control what happens in Thunderbird.

Those settings are shared by multiple applications.All of a sudden a couple of days ago, I started getting a lag of about 1-2 seconds between when I click on a message in any mailbox list view, and when the message body displays in the lower pane.The lag is a pretty annoying since I'm very accustomed to working fast.Of those, 33,315 have been indexed for content, which is currently using the default set of 21 file extensions.Hello all -I've been using Eudora OSE on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit for some time without trouble.You can also add network locations, either as mapped drive letters or UNC specifications.On my computer, a total of 259,358 files have been indexed for filename, size, date/time stamp, and path.The more Eudora features Thunderbird gets, the happier I am.I simply cannot at this stage answer specific questions about structure of any of the releases. If it were up to me, there'd be one mailer that was configurable by the user to whatever set of current TBird or Eudora features they liked.The existing Eudora source is unpleasant, encumbered, and not likely to be released in any wholesale way.Parts of it may be used, especially when it comes to importers & such, but if anyone is dreaming of hacking away on Eudora 7.1, give it up now.

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