Harshad aditi dating real life

But amongst them he is the one who is going to be romancing Priya in the film.The shoot of Harshad’s new show Meenu Mausi for Star Plus has also begun and also his film looks ready.Come December 2012 and doomsday talk gathers momentum.December 21 is the day, they say, that will bring a momentous change!Also comment on their latest episodes and put across your messages instantly.We at India- have the complete list of Television Celebrities and their info which the viewers want to know.

On a serious note, I see nothing on the horizon to beat some six billion people across the globe. With doomsday prophecy doing the rounds, I made it a point to study what is all about.

Apparently he was made to walk out upto the jail gates despite chest pain and made to wait for a long time before which a vehicle carried him to the hospital.

It has been said that he was beset by a heart attack of a massive order on the way to the hospital.

I find this whole end of the world talk pretty amusing.

Well, if it makes people value and use time better, I am game. End or no, my bucket list is well in place, in fact, I live it pretty actively.

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