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The 30-year-old was arrested on Tuesday and charged with drink-driving offences.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: "We can confirm that a 30-year-old man was arrested in Paisley on Tuesday February 21 in connection with alleged road traffic offences.

During this lengthy vanishing act, the singer returned to his native Paisley and threw himself into other pursuits: teaching himself carpentry, digging out his camera to indulge his love of photography, even learning about outdoors survivalism in the Scottish Highlands.“Sometimes I was waking up that morning,” he remembers, “and I was in wherever I kind of figured I was gonna go the evening before. I was just wandering around and taking some pictures, embracing the culture, putting myself out there and trying to be sociable.

Looking for adventure really.”As a result, today Nutini is fitter, happier and, indeed, more productive.

The very occasional live performance or TV chatshow appearance aside, he’s mostly kept out of the music and media spotlights in recent times. He’s still as strikingly handsome as ever, a walking, talking Athena poster. “I released the second album about five years ago, toured it for about two. Between then and now, I must have spent about two months in Ireland – Westmeath, Grouse Lodge.” He had recorded much of Sunny Side Up – which won the highly coveted Ivor Novello ‘Best Album’ gong in 2010 – at the renowned Grouse Lodge facility. More digestible, rather than something like this (gestures around room). You’re more vulnerable to the kind of twists and turns of it when you’re doing this.” When you’re more publicly exposed? As I said, it’s a way to see the culture, which is one of the biggest blessings I’ve been able to get, along the way. “Some people aren’t malicious and aren’t born racist,” he continues. It’s not being able to understand it or not having an education.

Funny, funny, funny – what you used to think was a good idea at the time.” He turns the page and yelps. He’s arrived in Dublin to play a couple of Olympia shows, kicking off a world tour to promote his eagerly anticipated third album, Caustic Love. His hairstyle is slightly more ruffled, a gelled quiff slept upon. Maybe there was an element of feeling some growing pains as well. I felt maybe they would be best dealt with in private, or at least in an environment, or in a reality, that was more predictable. “It was great being able to talk to Chris and find out how even a guy like John Martyn weirdly influenced Bob Marley along the way.

The whole process was making me very self-conscious.“I was watching back performances and I wasn’t happy with the way I was coming across – vocally, the band, just everything.

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I went to Galway, fucking taking it all in, embracing the cultures a little bit more, finding out some of the folklore. More and more people I know are starting to have kids; would it not be nice to be able to do something like that, and give them that? ” A few exhausting years of non-stop touring, travelling and partying had been taking their physical toll, too. “Yeah, my body was taking a bit of a hammering,” he admits. Which is again something that I took on from spending a bit of time in the Caribbean.” He spent a few weeks in Jamaica during his extended hiatus. I said before, you can have the most intense orgasm you’re ever gonna have or you can have the biggest sort of heart wrenching pain that you didn’t even think somebody else could cause you, without physically inflicting it. “I think that maybe over the years, if you’ve been burned once, you become a little bit apprehensive about getting out again.

He has sung on-stage with The Rolling Stones, recorded as-yet-unreleased material with his hero Ben E King, and on Caustic Love’s “Fashion”, he shares a microphone with one of 2014’s most enigmatic A-listers, Janelle Monáe (“she wiped the floor with me,” he says).

When Nutini signed to Atlantic Records back in 2005, he also won generous praise from Ahmet Ertegun, and the late, charismatic founder of the said label quickly became his mentor.

“I thought, ‘Right OK, you need to watch this here,’” he says, laughing.

“Because there’s only so uncomfortable you can get in your own skin before you need to address it, or else you’ve got the risk of developing God knows how many people different people in one.”It was clearly time for a break, which explains his five-year gap between albums.

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