Laurel holloman dating

It’s about two people who care about each other,” which is ultimately all that matters, right?

Whether shows were purposefully trying to create change or not, including these female relationships helped teach lessons about love that can be applied to anyone regardless of sexual orientation.

Holloman began her film career with her breakout role as Randy Dean in The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love.

She has appeared in many independent and feature films including Boogie Nights and Tumbleweeds.

She gave me a call recently to discuss her passions, artistic wanderings and future plans. Wow, I guess it's almost been two years since we wrapped shooting, hasn't it?

Dinah attendees will be able to purchase posters of her pieces and meet with The L Word star that will be on hand to personally sign each copy.

We all remember the famous episode in Season One that saw Shane, Alice, Jenny, and Dana embark on an eventful road trip to The Dinah.

Not only did we found out about Bette and Tina’s first kiss, were privy to a few comical moments between the gang, got introduced to weird Tonya, but most importantly we also were given for the first time ever on national TV an exclusive preview of what the legendary Dinah Shore weekend was all about.

Now a decade later, Club Skirts and SHOWTIME are proudly commemorating the nostalgia of a memorable era in lesbian culture that celebrated out loud our “girls in tight dresses who drag with mustaches” with three of its most beloved characters!

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