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The first night, I went up to her room to see what she was doing.As I approached, I can hear sounds of sexual moans, and as I peeped from the little opening in her door, I saw her masturbating with a baseball bat. My cock got really hard and I started masturbating.

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She was about 1.2m tall, and her breasts were a mildly developed B cup, and she was more of a goddess for a girl that young back then, as she is now.

She climaxed and screamed as she finished, and I ran down to my room.

A few minutes later, she came and knocked on my door “Hey, what are we having for dinner? ” “Oh well, looks like It’ll be the first thing I tell mum and dad when they come back.” “No..please…Anything, but we can’t have sex! There she lay sleeping in her bed with nothing on but a bra. I moved onto her bed, and started caressing her thighs.

She always wore extremely short/loose clothes at home.

It was the summer holiday and our parents decided to go on holiday for a week.

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