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He showed aptitude early in his childhood, when he translated the Talmud into Polish and Russian by age six and debated socialism at age nine. Burns through his lectures became one of two professors, the other being Homer Jones, credited by Milton Friedman as a key influence for his decision to become an economist.

At age 17, Burns enrolled in Columbia University on a scholarship offered by the university secretary. Burns had convinced Friedman, Rutgers class of 1932, that modern economics could help end the Great Depression.

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In 1944, he left Rutgers and assumed the role of director of research at the NBER in 1945 following Mitchell's retirement.

Hillary Clinton took heat throughout her primary battle against Vermont Sen.

Bernie Sanders for her own paid speeches, which included talks to Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms.

The speaking fee, for a health care conference being run by Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald LP, equals the salary Obama earned for an entire year as president.

It also puts him on the payroll of an industry he previously derided as being comprised of 'fat cats,' after stressing elements of his own biography like his time as a community organizer in Chicago.

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