Place the steps for updating your system update ux

Updating the Operating System [Toc] [Back] To perform an OS update with swinstall (or to reinstall SD from media), you must use first use the swgettools command to get the newest version of swinstall.

Troubleshooting information for Edge Components is available in the technote database for Edge components.Target products After update Please confirm the firmware version when the update program is installed successfully.The update program installation is successful when 1.02 is shown in the display window.Information specific only to the Open View product is marked with a heading similar the following: The following information applies to HP Open View Software Distributor only.DESCRIPTION [Toc] [Back] The swinstall command installs the software_selections from a software source to either the local host or, in the case of the HP Open View Software Distributor product, to one or more target_selections (root filesystems).swinstall(1M) swinstall(1M) Hewlett-Packard Company NAME [Toc] [Back] swinstall, swcopy - install and configure software products; software products for subsequent installation or distribution; respectively SYNOPSIS [Toc] [Back] swinstall [XToolkit Options] [-i] [-p] [-r] [-v] [-c catalog] [-C session_file] [-f software_file] [-J jobid] [-Q date] [-s source] [-S session_file] [-t target_file] [-x option=value] [-X option_file] [software_selections] [@ target_selections] swcopy [XToolkit Options] [-i] [-p] [-v] [-C session_file] [-f software_file] [-J jobid] [-Q date] [-s source] [-S session_file] [-t target_file] [-x option=value] [-X option_file] [software_selections] [@ target_selections] Remarks [Toc] [Back] swinstall and swcopy have an interactive user interface.You can invoke it by typing swinstall, swcopy, or by including the -i option on the command line.The documentation library for the Edge Components is available online at the Edge Components Information Center.This topic contains the following sections: Supported hardware and software requirements for Edge Components are available from the Web Sphere Application Server detailed system requirements.How to confirm the Model and the Firmware version The following are the target products whose firmware version should be equal to 1.01.In case the firmware version of the unit is already 1.02, there is no need to apply this firmware update program.

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