Reporting services validating parameters

Public Function Check Date(SDate as Date, EDate as Date) as Integer Dim msg as String msg = "" If (SDate "" Then Msg Box(msg, 16, "Parameter Validation Error") Err.

Raise(6, Report) 'Raise an overflow End If End Function Then go to the Report Parameters and Add named it XXX with the datatype is string. I have tried something similar to this unsuccessfully.

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Hi there, I am writing a simple report using SSRS 2005 where user selects the start date and end date , and data which was added between start date and end date is displayed.

This article should make this process a lot clearer—or at least I hope so.

The Report Viewer control is used to render RDL-based reports in a Windows Forms or ASP. When you use the Report Viewer control in local mode, you have to provide a populated data structure (such as a Data Table) whose columns map to the report elements defined in the RDL report definition.

The range that the Pivot Table is based on looks a bit odd because usually Pivot Tables are based on rectangular ranges and not something that looks like this: In order to avoid the “(blank)” value appearing in the Pivot Table drop-down list of values, fill the last value in each category all the way down to the last row of the region: Use of Pivot Table for validation in Excel Services So far I explained how a Pivot Table could be used as a validation method in Excel.

The impact of using this technique is not significant until we apply it to Excel services.

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