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He went on to be a part of Universal Music Group, where he does radio promotions.

Currently, he is the CEO of Dollaz Unlimited, where he represents singer, Olivia, model, Erica Mena, Thea Trinidad, professional wrestler, Helen Little, on-air personality for Lite Fm and Yasmeen Christian, children's author.

Celeb NMusic247got the tea on Rich Dollaz and Moniece Slaughter who opened up to VH1 recently while they attended Yandy Smith’s wedding.He claims he was being sarcastic when he said he was. The two discussed the issue among Rich, Erica & Olivia.And despite the fact he was tonguing Erica down a few times during last Thursday's premiere party, he had a hard time during the interview admitting they're even together. They explain that the true issue is that Olivia feels with Rich repping Erica now professionally, their brand is being jeopardized.She then she asked Dollaz to end his relationship with Mena so she could begin dating the model exclusively, because the whole love triangle was too much for her to handle. "Watching're back with her, you think that is fair to me? Love and Hip Hop New York's Rich Dollaz is sub-Tweeting the hell out of a certain starlet who hasn't seen fame since the 2000s…In the process, Mena and Tiffany begin their own romantic relationship.In the first preview clip shown below, Tiffany told R&B singer Olivia that she became friends with Mena because Dollaz asked her to. "I hung out with Erica, mmm...spying for Rich," Tiffany told Oliva. Viewers saw Dollaz break up with Mena in episode 7."crazy I've known her since BMCC days @inkedup_boogie #bmcc #newday #dollaz,"he wrote in February, along with a side-by-side sexy photo of the stripper.According to his website, Rich started his career as an intern at Baby Records where Diddy gave him the name as Rich Dollaz., he was arrested during an interview, his lady friends seem to keep themselves in the press for being a bit too rambunctious and happy to get right in the faces of others, and they love to make a mess of their lives.He’s been in the music business a long time, but he’s more famous for making poor choices and interesting decisions; and that’s what people seem to enjoy about Rich Dollaz.

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