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He nabbed a deserved first Oscar nomination as an earnestly dedicated but self-destructive schoolteacher in “Half Nelson”; he was robbed of a second for his finest screen work to date in “Blue Valentine,” a wrenching study in unsustainable artistry and emotional wreckage that one could view as a rawer blueprint for his characterization in “La La Land.” These breakthroughs merely built on the gangly, riveting angst he had demonstrated in such youthful showcases as Henry Bean’s making-of-a-terrorist drama “The Believer” in 2001.Stone got her official stamp of approval as a “serious actress” last year with a supporting Oscar nod for her work as Michael Keaton’s bristling daughter in “Birdman” — earned principally with a hot hairdryer blast of a monologue directed against her father, detailing his manifold failings with merciless economy.

Their sparring is as effervescent as before, yet it’s Gosling’s self-pitying jazzman who comes off as the more vulnerable romantic; Stone’s starlet-in-waiting gets the pithier lines, the more guarded heart.In a recent interview, the director of the popular romantic comedy spoke about how Emma Stone was perfect for the role opposite Ryan Gosling. “When Emma came in, she sat down, she was ready to go; Ryan walked in, immediately flubbed his first line, and she just laid into him, like, “Oh, you’re killing this buddy.” She was the only one not to be intimidated by him.” He also confirmed that their palpable onscreen chemistry also in real life. He even has relocated Eva Mendes and his two baby girls to Budapest so that they can all be together during his shooting.“They love each other in real life, and they get on like a house on fire,” he revealed. Eva Mendes has been seen on the streets of Budapest soaking in the chance to live in an eastern European city with her family." CLICK HERE to view "All The Celebs Who've Been Asked To Prom By Fans! It may seem like a longshot, but the 28-year-old actress IS from neighboring Scottsdale." CLICK HERE to view "All The Celebs Who've Been Asked To Prom By Fans! So, maybe Phoenix will become a We can't imagine how she feels... Literally took us step by step through the entire thing. RG: We had wonderful coaches and a wonderful team of people around us. I had to play a lot of piano for those three months.Both accomplished, independent leading players in their own right, Gosling and Stone nonetheless bring an invaluably entwined history to “La La Land”: It’s their third on-screen collaboration, following 2010’s winning romantic comedy “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” and 2013’s plasticized underworld romp “Gangster Squad.” Even the latter, stiffer film proved the tinderbox energy between them; in both, Gosling’s laconic cool and Stone’s spacier sweetness complement each other. We mean, we wonder what will happen at this year's event?? Still, the twosome's 2005 sexy smooch isn't the only time PDA has been flaunted at the MTV awards show.Award-season darling La La Land may have ended up being one of your favorite movies of 2016, and there are two people largely responsible for that: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. I played it more times than I can say to you, and I never got sick of it.The musical marks the third time the stars have worked together, and after the movie debuted at TIFF back in September, the actors were asked about their obvious affinity for working together during a Q&A with the audience. So for me it was a treat to just practice on this film because we got to work with all this beautiful music and these wonderful people.

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