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It would be fair to say that Die Antwoord are regarded as kind of ‘out there’, and if you happen to follow Kanye West on Twitter you’ll also know that he can max out in the weird department too.

And then there are the stag and hen night parties to massage parlours in the South's booming resorts like Bournemouth and Brighton.The Home Office is funding the 'Poppy Project' to help the women break away from the financial and emotional dependence on those who brought them to this country.The problem may be growing, but the solution is not straightforward.One of the first jobs I got upon graduation was at the headquarters of one of Singapore’s post-secondary education institutes. One of them lecherously ‘checked me out’ from head to toe as I was talking to him in the corridor, on my way to the pantry. I remember at least 2 men at management level being rather vulgar in their behaviour.Sex is the internet's hot topic, with at least half a dozen south coast based sites dedicated to the sex trade.But beneath the Lads Mags chat and the girls wearing bunny girl T shirts there is a story of real human misery. Women brought from Lithuania or Latvia to the South coast to work in massage parlours that are really brothels.When girls who have been brought to this country against their will - trafficked - are sent back to their country of origin some end up being re-trafficked within weeks.Maria was brought to England from Albania when she was 18. "I couldn't even go to look out of the window I was too scared of them." Amnesty International are campaigning for victims of trafficking to be given the right to stay in the UK.Mind you, he was what we would call a ‘religious man’, forever reprimanding students to dress decently and behave virtuously!As a point of information, all of the above men are married and in their 40s or 50s.

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