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How do you stay sober through the early stages of recovery AND start a romantic connection? Forget the good «FGF» that your best friend in rehab told you about.Forget the bars — they’re not helpful in finding a sober significant other.When “Let’s grab drinks” feels like a natural follow-up to “Hi, how are you?,” saying it's difficult to navigate the world of dating while sober is an understatement, despite the fact that it's estimated that about 30 percent of all Americans don't consume any alcohol.By Kelly Burch You’ve put in the hard work, going to meetings, resisting temptation and redefining your life as positive and productive.But now, you want someone to share all that progress with. Going to the bar to meet someone is out of the question, and even the mainstream dating sites are likely to garner suggestions to meet for drinks after work.’ is first thing you’ll hear,” said Paul Kole, cofounder of

The worst thing a person can do, in the new phases of sobriety, is jumping into romance.While some are in recovery, an increasing number of women are going sober as a wellness and lifestyle choice.Still, there's something daunting about the idea of dating without cocktails—for better or worse, booze The good news: Dating while sober can be just as good, something I found out firsthand when I gave up drinking and continued going out.Luckily, there are plenty of online dating sites specifically targeted toward singles who want to date sober, and share their recovery journey with someone who understand that’s road.Here’s Renew’s guide to sober dating: Looking for love in all the right places “If you’re on a traditional dating site, ‘Hey how about we meet for drinks?You don’t have to explain yourself.” Forest Williams, owner of, agreed.“Dating is hard enough, but dating in recovery is even harder,” he said.“You need to find someone who understands trials and tribulations of someone in recovery.Both Kole and Williams were inspired to start sober dating websites from their own recovery experiences.Actually, forget about dating — not forever; just long enough to get well-grounded in your own program of recovery.A world of possibilities opens when a person becomes sober. They get back many things that were lost — even relationships.

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