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This is an old school that is haunted by a woman in a white dress.

She'll play with instruments in the band room, appear in empty hallways in the summer, and turn classroom lights off.

Utqiaġvik's population was 4,683 at the 2000 census and 4,212 at the 2010 census.

The location has been home to the Iñupiat, an indigenous Inuit ethnic group, for more than 1,500 years.

This trip available May 21st - August 31st Come and meet a real Alaskan family of mushers at their summer training camp and take a two mile dog sled ride on a comfortable wheeled sled.

Meet Iditarod race dogs, cuddle puppies, and get an Arctic clothing demonstration along with meeting Iditarod mushers.

This is available 5/17-9/18 Visit a sanctuary dedicated to preserving Alaska’s wildlife through public education.

This facility takes in injured and orphaned animals year- round as part of a program that will one day restore the species to the Alaskan Wilderness.

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In an October 2016 referendum, city voters narrowly approved to change its name from Barrow to its traditional Iñupiaq name, Utqiaġvik.

5/10-9/21 Pan for gold at the Historic Crow Creek Mine, a national historic sight and home to the oldest building dating back to the gold rush of 1896.

Nine original buildings remain, surrounded by gardens and old equipment left by prospectors of days gone by.

The governor had 45 days to rule on the name change and it was officially adopted on December 1, 2016.), which comes from ukpik "snowy owl" and translates to "the place where snowy owls are hunted." A spelling variant of this name was adopted by the Ukpeagvik Iñupiat Corporation when it was established in 1973.

Archaeological sites in the area indicate the Iñupiat lived around Barrow as far back as AD 500.

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