Winter dating idea

There is always something special to be found there, especially in the winter.

Alternatively, you could go and pick apples, and then learn how to make a pie out of them, either by perusing some of our lovely Expert Food suggestions, or by taking a class together.: See if there's a rink that's only open during the colder winter months nearby, preferably with some roasted chestnuts available, or at the very least a thermos of hot chocolate to warm up with afterward. Zoos are usually, although not always, cheaper to visit during the winter months, but do check before heading out.: Maybe you decide to join the parade and create your own fun, or perhaps you're more of the lawn-chair appreciator variety of celebrant.

Plus, since it gets dark so early now, romantic settings pop up everywhere—from twinkling Christmas lights to a walk in the falling snow.

Below, I came up with some of my favorite things to do during the coldest months of the year.

So, to help thaw you out and get some winter romance flowing, here are 4 of our favourite winter date ideas in Toronto.

and was also the scene of one of our first dates (that’s probably why it stuck with us).

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